Charles R. Holmes III was born on September 17, 1982, in South Haven, MI. Graduating in a class of >200, he knows what its like to come from the ground floor. As a child, Charles spent most of his time with his Grandfather, Johnnie Mines, learning about Race cars and the dynamics of racing. Johnnie was local track champion several times at Kalamazoo Speedway. Johnnie passed on his passion for racing as Charles would go on to race everything he could get his hands on. His Mother Beverly Mines, and Grandmother Bonita Mines, were the backbone for Charles, and till this day are who he turns to for mentor ship on life’s greatest challenges. They taught him how to love, how to be kind and fair, and how to always wear a smile.

 After graduation in 2000, Charles soon realized that in order to fulfill his dreams, he would have to move away from all he knew. In 2002 Charles did just that, and currently remains in Austin, TX. Once in Austin, Charles immediately sunk his teeth into bigger and better jobs than his hometown had to offer. Going from this trade to selling cars to that trade, back to selling cars, He again knew there was something more.

When Charles was finally introduced to Network Marketing, the light bulb was lit and a new beginning upon him. Now, building a dynamic team of Leaders, Trainers, Professional Sales and Recruiting Reps, Charles is focused on the big picture. Constantly studying more on the great Laws of the Universe, and how to use them to manifest amazing things, and how to help others do the same.

Helping others realize their dreams through mentoring, coaching, motivating, and Leading, Charles has found his path. Through the Law of Attraction, Charles brings in people who are struggling with bills, social class, health & fitness, and much more. He does everything he can to brake them out of their comfort zone and get them on the right path.  Many people look up to him as a mentor, if not with business, with everyday life events. Charles has an amazing way of showing you the bright side and channeling positive emotions back into your life.

His goal is simple. To be happy now and throughout his life help as many people as he is able to live their dreams. Charles is one who is always willing to give his time for others. Not only because it is repaid a thousand times over, but because nothing gives him more satisfaction than knowing he helped another being see the light. 

I hope you enjoy the articles, information, guidance and motivation Charles will put forth. Feel free to contact him anytime as helping others is his true passion.

To a life full of joy and your massive success,



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