Nutrition 101

With all the “Experts” out there hyping their company’s supplements and telling you what it takes to get your money… Who’s to know if what you’re doing is right or wrong. I’ve put together this fact sheet over the past several months/years/days of research to help sort through the bs and get you on track to your goals. If you have any questions, it is my pleasure to help others get results. Set a reasonable goal, short term and long, and stick to it! Trust me, it’s worth every drop of sweat when you pull your shirt off and people look over and turn green with Envy… See you at the beach!

Calories: Your Caloric Intake is a huge factor in getting in shape. The basics, I’m sure you know… Burn more than you consume, lose weight. Consume more than you burn, gain weight. The details though are also important. Good Calories vs. Bad Calories. Obviously calories from a Snickers bar are not the same as from a plate full of Broccoli. Just be smart on what you consume. My simple recommendation is this. If the food your buying will not go bad within a week, it’s not good for you! Basically stay out of the CENTER of the grocery store. Other than Organic Oatmeal, Organic Peanut Butter, Flax Seed, Oil, Vinegar, and Ak Mak Crackers, Everything you need is on the outside loop of the store. The only canned goods I eat are black beans, and… Um… I think that’s it. Oh yeah, Tuna! You should take in between 14 – 20 calories per pound per day depending on what your trying to do. Ex; a person who weighs 125lbs. trying to lose weight, at 14 calories per pound would take in 1750 calories per day. The same person wanting to get up to 130lbs. would need to increase to say 16 – 18 calories per pound until they see some gain. 

Carbohydrates: Carbs are the new thing! Right? Everyone is all crazy about low carb / High Protein Diets. What they don’t realize is that your body CANNOT Store Protein for energy like it can carbs. So, too low of carbs you’ll be burning Protein for energy. A. Very Expensive B. Bad for the liver. Try to take in your Carbs before 6pm so they are not stored. Eat Whole Grain Wheat or even better Sprout Grain in the freezer section. Eat tons of greens; Broccoli, Beans, Zucchini, etc. Eat Oatmeal in the am. Sprout Grain for lunch and greens for dinner. Salads are AMAZING sources of Fiber and Carbs and super low in everything else… Love Chicken Salads and you’ll love your 6 pack 😉 

*(This section can get a lot more complicated, but why would I do that to you?)

Vitamins & Minerals:  I choose not to spend a lot of time on this one because it’s this simple. The Vitamins you buy at Wal-Mart, HEB, Etc. are junk. They are not Quality Controlled per pill. What the ingredients claim on the bottle are tested only at the starting point of the “batter” and who knows what each pill actually contain? Spend a bit of money, get a good Vitamin & Mineral and know your getting what you need every day. I recommend buying one that is natural, meaning they’ve obtained everything from whole foods vs. synthetic.

Protein: Now here is the fun one! If you read, you’ll find all these “Experts” telling you to drink a protein shake every time you blink… Not good. If you’re eating a well balanced diet, containing plenty of Animal Proteins, ie; Milk, Meat, Eggs, etc., you’re pretty much getting all the protein you need in the first place. Protein is digested in the stomach and then absorbed by the small intestine, once broken down into amino acids, they enter the blood stream and are distributed by Red Blood cells and plasma. Excess protein is turned into glucose and used either for energy or stored as fat. Recent studies show that too much protein can be strenuous to the liver and cause hardening of the arteries. Just make sure that every three hours you consume WHOLE PROTEINS. I will paste a list of Amino Acids and Complete Protein Sources to the bottom of this email! The only time I think it’s important to supplement Protein is 1:1 with carbs 30 minutes before your workout, and then half Whey half Casein Protein right after your workout. But again, be sure you have all 8 Essential Amino Acids present or the Protein does NOTHING for you! Your body must have all 8 Essential Amino Acids in order to use Protein to build and repair Muscle Tissues/Fibers. Even if just one is in short supply, the process can not take place and your wasting time and money! And VERY IMPORTANT!!! Amino Acid Supplements can only be absorbed on an Empty Stomach. I take them as I’m walking out of the gym with plenty of water. Just make sure all 8 are there all the time and your good. Complete Proteins obtained from food vs. supplements is superior, by far. (see list of Complete Protein Sources)

Amino Acids: Essential Amino Acids work from both sides of the fence. When obtained from food, your body breaks down the Complete Protein into the 8 Essentials… When obtained from a supplement they are already broken down but must be present at the time of Protein intake in order to use the protein to build muscle and repair tissue. It is best to obtain them from food due to the body’s natural process of breaking down the Complete Protein vs. absorbing them straight into the Small Intestine. The 8 Essential Amino Acids Combine with the other 12 or so non-essential amino acids (these your body can make itself when needed) and these are THE BULDING BLOCKS OF ALL LIVING CELLS. They build up Muscle, bone, skin, eyes, hair, EVERYTHING! If you were to break down the Human body, or any other living organism for that matter, your base would be Amino Acids. (Unless you wanna get into quantum physics? We’ll save that for another article)

So, as long as all 8 Essential Amino Acids are readily available at all times, and you eat every 3 hours, your body will remain Anabolic (building muscle) vs. Catabolic (eating its own muscle for energy).

Just remember, real food is by far the best form of everything. Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Amino’s, Calories, Carbs, etc. Eating a balanced diet is not only Whey easier than working your ass off in the gym, but also while working your ass off in the gym… At least your optimizing your results.


Training: The main thing to keep in mind is this. Fat can lie dormant and sit there for years, no calories, protein, or carbs are needed to keep fat around. Now muscle on the other hand is ALIVE. Muscle burns calories literally while you’re asleep. This is why if you get BIG and then stop eating a ton of calories, you’ll lose it all. (Like I did 😦   So, the mistake people make is trying to lean out and trying to lose weight while doing all cardio. Cardio is great for the Cardiovascular System and burns plenty of calories too, but once your metabolic rate settles back down, your back to square one. If you build up or at least try to Tone your muscles along with doing your cardio, your body will work a lot more for you on the calorie burning side of things. When trying to really lean out, doing a few minutes of cardio right when you wake up and right before bed does amazing things for your metabolic rate. Jumping Jacks are still the best, mountain climbers, push-ups… Just 5 minutes of full body cardio will make a huge difference in your metabolism. Remember this, once a muscle is toned, it’s harder to break down and increase in size. So when going for size, lift heavy weights, low reps, until you reach your peak. Then switch to high reps low weight to gain the strength you’ll need to lift heavier weights than before. Cycling your routine this way will keep you from hitting a plateau.

Note: Just keep in mind that if your Burning more calories than you consume = lose weight. Consume more than burnt = Gain Weight. The catch is being Anobolic vs. Catabolic (Building Muscle vs. Eating your own muscle for energy) is also important. So there is a fine balance depending on what your trying to do.

Complete and Non-Complete Protein Combo’s

1. Combine Grains and Legumes

Peanut butter on whole-wheat bread; rice and beans; bean soup and a roll; salad with chickpeas and cornbread; corn and beans; tofu-vegetable stir-fry over rice or pasta; wheat bread and baked beans; corn soy or wheat soy bread; legume soup with bread; vegetarian chili with bread etc.

2. Combine Grains and Nuts/Seeds

Whole wheat and peanut butter, breadsticks rolled with sesame seeds; rice cakes with peanut butter; whole-wheat bun with sesame seeds; breads with added seed meals; breads with sesame or sunflower seed spread; rice with sesame seeds etc.

3. Combine Legumes and Nuts/Seeds

Humus (chickpeas and sesame paste) and Trail mix (peanuts and sunflower seeds)

Other possible combinations include whole-grain pasta tossed with peas, almonds, and Low-Fat Vegan Alfredo Sauce; Whole wheat toast with peanut butter; Bean soup with whole grain crackers; and Corn tortillas with refried beans and rice.

4. Grains with Dairy – Homemade Macaroni and Cheese: Make a white sauce using low fat milk and add in grated cheddar. Mix with pre cooked macaroni pasta and top with fresh bread crumbs and parmesan bake until bubbly and browned in the oven

*In addition to the above, by combining small amounts of animal protein – such as meat, milk, eggs or cheese – to any of the grains, legumes, nuts/seeds groups, you create a complete protein. That includes casserole with a small amount of meat; salad with beans and a hard cooked egg; milk and wheat cereal; yogurt with granola; cereal with milk; pasta with milk or cheese; bread with milk or cheese; bean and cheese burrito; macaroni and cheese; oatmeal with milk and so much more.


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    I’m not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission….

    • Great! Thank you for reading!! The information in this post came mainly from my own personal studies of Health and Nutrition, Strength Training, etc… Glad you got something out of it! Stay Tuned…

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