Being On Time… for Success!

Why is being on time so important? What is being on time? How do you feel when someone is late? How does it make you feel when your late? Ask yourself these questions, and then move on…

In my life I have went through many ups and downs in business. I’ve been late almost every day to a job, and I’ve been on time every single day to another. For me, I have to want to be there in order to give the extra effort to be “on time.” Have you ever felt this way? Well, maybe its the other way around.

I have learned that when you wake up on time, and are truly prepared for the day, everything seems to run a lot smoother. When running late, things do not go so smooth. You hit the snooze button and think, I’ll just sleep in a few more minutes. That few minute set back adds time pressure to you for the entire day. Running late gives you the feeling or emotion of failure. Being on time on the other hand feels like success. Think about it.

For the record, being on time is being late. Being early and prepared for your day is being on time. Showing up 15 minutes before schedule, greeting business partners with a smile and a strong positive energy shows them they can count on you. When you walk into a meeting and a man or women is dressed well, has information just waiting to feed to you, you immediately trust them with your business, right? So be that person.

Make it a habit to be on time. Wake up early, prepare for your day, eat a balanced breakfast, review your schedule and information needed to make progress. Realize that each day is a new canvas for you to paint a picture of your own success. I can promise you that the feeling associated with being on time alone is worth the extra effort. Besides, once you’ve made it a habit you’ll realize its no harder to be early than it is to be late, your still doing the same things.

I urge you to write down your goals. Make it a point to take this seriously. As you condition yourself to being early for everything, notice the relief of stress and pressure that comes with it. As people start to notice the new you, I’m sure you’ll find the added accountability rewarding enough. Think of yourself as a leader and you will become just that.

I have to go now, I’m running late for an important meeting. Just kidding! Wake up every day on purpose and whatever you do, don’t be late!

To your massive success,

Charles Holmes,  The “Vanguard” of Network Marketing                          Regional Sales Manager


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