Waking up on the Right side of the bed!

“Eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to a great day.”  How many times have you heard this before? And don’t get me wrong, I agree that a balanced breakfast is very important, but I think it starts before that.

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing is going your way? When the guy is on his cell phone and makes you miss the green light. When your local coffee shop just so happens to be out of Caramel. The time you ran out of gas on the way to a job interview. One of those days when from the time you got out of bed, things just went wrong.

Why does this happen? I’m going to tell you why, and you may not believe me. Well that’s just fine because what I’m going to tell you has been proved. So hold on to your reality cap cause I’m about to blow you away. Science has proved that all matter in this Universe is created of Sub-Atomic Particles called Quanta. Any first year physics student knows this. These Sub-Atomic Particles are actually bundles of energy that are able to make intelligent decisions based on input from other sources of energy, You! When you wake up and feel resignation, doubt, fear, guilt, worry about the bills, and other negative thought waves, you cause these sub-atomic particles to be negative with you.

Now, I’m not a physicist, nor am I claiming to be a professional on this matter. One thing I can promise you is this is for real! I have studied many hours of literature, audio, and so on about positive thinking, deliberate creation, creating wealth and so on. Each of the publications have had one thing in common. The variable is YOU!

Try this. Go out to your local river bank, park, beach, thrift store, antique shop or wherever you feel will serve the purpose, and find yourself a small object that makes you smile. I use a shell I found on the beach while walking with my girlfriend. Now, set this object right next to your alarm clock. As soon as you see this object, touch it, remember its there, think about it, or any other relation with it, I want you to think of something that makes you very happy. This could be a person, an event your grateful for, a time period of life or one certain day. Whatever it is, think about it for 20 seconds, then continue with your day. Carry the object with you if you’d like, or set it on your dash board, desk at work, whatever it takes. What you will soon realize is just by having something to remind you to vibrate positive energy, great things will start to happen to you and around you. Traffic lights will be green, the guy on his cell phone pulls of the road, the coffee shop has a sale on your favorite treat.  The Universe wants to be just like you!

For the next few days, as soon as you wake up in the morning, develop a habbit. I want you to think of something your greatful for and think about it until your finished stretching, walking to start the coffee pot, brushing your teeth, think about it until your glowing. Then, any time during the day you realize your vibrating negative energy, I want you to remember that object in your pocket, remember that thing your so greatful for, look forward to all the amazing things you have coming to you, and be happy now.

So the next time things aren’t going your way, ask yourself this, “which side of the bed did I wake up on?” If this article gives you just one day better than you would have had, I have done my part. Talk to you soon, make it a great day!


2 Responses to “Waking up on the Right side of the bed!”

  1. Sarah Mines Says:

    Charles, your article ” Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed” has got to be THE best article I think I’ve ever read. That article gave me alot to think about…. you could not have said any of that any better than what you did. And you know.. until you actually read an article like that, you don’t realize how much difference it can make to just change one thing that you do in the morning and it have so much effect on your day.. or not just your day but your life in a whole. I don’t know how many people will read this article but I can promise you one thing… I will advise EVERY single person I know to go to your webpage and read what you have to say. Like you said Charles.. if it can give you just one better day than what you had then you’ve done your part. Your a very intelligent man & thank you for such an inspirational article!!

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